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017 Connecting It All Together (with Meghan Jones)


Meghan Jones is an IIN certified holistic health coach, AFAA certified personal trainer, and a published author of the book 30 Little Thoughts. Prior to her career in health and wellness, she has played professionally in a full time orchestra for over 25 years.

As a health coach, Meghan looks at the relationship between her clients’ lifestyle choices & food choices, how they affect their overall health, and helps them start to change their lives by finding a complete, fully balanced, healthy, more plant-based approach that increases their focus, vitality, and longevity by eating in delicious, creative, and joyful ways!

She helps people clean up their eating & clean up their life, lower stress, and align with their worth & purpose by exploring attainable little action steps that will lead them to achieve their weight, exercise, & overall health goals. Simultaneously, she works with her clients to discover and transform their internal mental and emotional limiting beliefs, discomforts, and any areas they seek to feel more grace, ease, & peace.

Meghan believes that every moment of every day we can live our lives more & more on purpose.

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