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021 It’s Never Too Late To Climb Everest (with Michelle Hill)

We were lucky enough to interview Michelle Hill and hear her inspiring story about climbing Mount Everest at age 56!  She also shares her story about evolving into a coach and mentor.
After many years in the corporate world, and building an online business with her partner over the last six years, Michelle has combined her knowledge and experience to create her new love:  HealthBiz Coaching. 
She is a business coach and mentor who works with business owners struggling to get past stress and overwhelm.  Her program contains practical, no-nonsense solutions that support people from chaos to calm.  Where they can reignite their passion for the business and get back on the path to success.
Something people may not know about Michelle is that seven years ago, in a moment of inspiration – or desperation, she’s not sure which – she challenged myself to complete a trek to Everest Base Camp. In Nepal.  Which was completely out of left field as she’d never done any trekking before!
To this day, she still can’t put her finger on why she chose something like this to blast her out of her comfort zone, but it literally did.  Getting to EBC was the hardest thing she had ever done but it left her feeling physically and mentally elated. And in the process, she developed a mantra that she still uses to this day: I am strong. I can do this.
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