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031 Qigong – It Has Been In Your Life All Along (with Alessandro Ferullo)

In this milestone episode, we share our first VIDEO podcast episode, featuring follow-along Qigong exercises from an award-winning teacher!

You have three options to tune in:

– Listen to the audio as you would with any other episode

– Watch via the Spotify website to see the video version

– Watch the video episode on our YouTube channel HERE

Alessandro is an Award winning Qigong teacher who is helping Leaders and their Teams to stay Healthy, Motivated & Inspired with Qigong. His main focus is to help to bring healthy work/life balance to those in Leadership roles.

He offers Qigong as a tool to manage stress and return you back to a healthy work-life balance as you learn to take more control of your Health with an easy to follow 4,000 years old Qigong practice.

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