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Get Unstuck! ReAlign With Your True Self

This group is for YOU. It offers you a chance to connect with community, as well as to give and receive support.

An essential part of this group is our free gift 6-week “Realign with Your True Self” program, in which we will be hosting live lectures and actionable content.

You are here to empower yourself and take the next step.

Thank you for starting this journey ❤️🙏


– A 6-week holistic program that runs on a continuous basis, in 6-week cycles, with a break between each one.
– Each week covers a specific aspect of your journey to realign with your true self.
– The first cycle starts on Monday, October 10th. We will update the group and this description once further dates are announced.
– Once the cycle begins, we will run through all 6 weeks of content. The 6-week cycle repeats itself quarterly.
– You can join in even if it’s in the middle of a cycle (the archived content from previous weeks will remain available in this group).
– You are welcome to participate as often as you like.

– We invite everyone who feels called to be here to join.
– It will especially give you value if you are seeking a more clearly defined direction in life. This program gives you an opportunity to rediscover your values and passions.
– It lets you focus on your transformation and healing journey so you can integrate positive changes into your family and relationships.

With LOve ❤️ (the O is intentional),
Ryan & Lotta from FitWell Fusion Coaching